6th Annual 5K/Half Marathon • May 8th, 2021

madyson's story

It's true when they say that life can change in an instant. You hear that cliche millions of times in your life, but you never really think it will happen to you. Until it does.

letourneausWe are the LeTourneau's, Paul and Betsy. We have three daughters: Ashlyn-8, Payton-6, and Madyson-3. Our life was moving along wonderfully. Paul and I had just run the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon on May 17, 2015. The Friday before, I had called our pediatrician about a hard spot on our youngest daughter Madyson's abdomen. They had said if it didn't seem better by Monday to bring her in. So we went about our weekend and ran the marathon. We were on that proverbial runner's high, but little did we know it was about to crash.

That Monday I still thought it seemed as though there was a hard spot so I brought her in. I honestly didn't expect it to be anything major but as soon as I saw the look on her doctor's face I knew. Immediately multiple tests were done and by the end of the day we were told there was a large mass.

They did a ct scan the next day and we were sent to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Madyson had a 12 cm mass in her abdomen biopsied that Thursday and was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma shortly after. Rhabdomyosarcoma accounts for about 3% of childhood cancers, so it isn't very common.

betsy and girlsIt was the most terrifying time of our lives. We didn't know if our child was going to live or die. How would we explain it to our other children? What would our lives look like going through this? Over the course of the next two weeks Madyson had many tests and procedures. We were told that her prognosis was good, but she would be in treatment for 42 weeks, which included chemotherapy and radiation. She has also undergone surgery to remove the tumor.

Since then, she has done amazingly well and will finish up treatment in March of 2016. We are hopeful that she will live a long and healthy life.

We are so thankful to have the MACC Fund Center close to home so we have access to the best care for Madyson. We also are eternally grateful for the Ronald McDonald House, which was a home away from home for 4.5 weeks during her radiation.

Fighting childhood cancer really does take a village and it is our hope that we can pay it forward by donating the proceeds of this run to the MACC Fund Center and the Ronald McDonald House-Eastern Charities.

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schedule of events

12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Packet Pickup
LeTourneau Plastics, Inc. – Plant 2
119 Charles St, Oconto

7:00 am – It Ends!

LeTourneau Plastics, Inc. – Plant 2
119 Charles St., Oconto

  • 7:00 am – 8:10 am   Packet Pickup
  • 8:25 am   National Anthem
  • 8:30 am   10K Start
  • 8:32 am   5K Start
  • 9:45 am   5K & 10K Awards